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Ayo The Clown out next month
Source: Steam


Send In The Clown, Ayo The Clown – A Spring In Their Step

Pack your miniature car with rubber chicken and fart bags, it’s time for an adventure with Ayo The Clown on the Switch and PC.

Platform games further cement that inner-kid in most of us – regardless of your age or what system you played it on. Ayo The Clown is one of those games; when you see the trailer, you immediately recall those games of yesteryear.

Yep, that corny statement was all me, but I mean it. Platform games for me began with Pyjamarama on the Spectrum (check with museums), through the 8-bits up until our modern-day holograms. Platform games, in particular, have this bittersweet aspect to them of being cute but devilishly hard.

Now Ayo The Clown will be a subjective one, as apparently, many people fear clowns. But seriousness aside from phobias, how can you not like Ayo – a 2.5D platformer from Cloud M1 coming to the Switch and the PC?

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Ayo The Clown - Sweet.
Sweeet. Source: Steam

Best of all, they’re a dog lover, and the game’s motivation is to rescue your dog, Bo. Covering eight regions – from Lush Hill to Candy Land, he searches for Bo’s whereabouts. While there are friendly folk to greet, Ayo will need to arm himself with a balloon sword, toy hammer and tank, among other things, to survive this quest.

Ayo The Clown isn’t one of those sad sacks as it’s full of humour too, and the addition of rubber chickens and fart bags solidifies this a platform game that will go down with the family, but mostly me.

It’s been a dream come true creating video games so we’re very excited to bring Ayo the Clown to PC and Switch this year. We wanted to create a game that harks back to the platformers of yesteryear but with a modern day twist and fun artstyle to boot.

Xiu Liang, Cloud M1 Game Director

Here’s the trailer:

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Ayo The Clown is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC in Spring.

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