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AWAY Will Be Home To PC, PS4 And PS5 Next Week

AWAY will hit shelves next week. Experience nature without leaving the house as you play a sugar glider on PC, PS4 or the PS5.

Away The Survival Series
Source: PR

Considering the number of Attenborough fans that have exploded (not literally) in recent years, one would imagine that Breaking Wall’s upcoming AWAY would be an evolution of being passive in front of the box and instead, directing your own nature documentary.

That sounds a bit ambitious, but that’s what you do in AWAY. Yes, it’s all in UPPERCASE. Initially the first chapter in a series of varying animal protagonists, the focus has been on the sugar glider. However, a few updates later, and you CAN play as other creatures.

Away The Survival Series - Sugar Glider
Sugar glider. Source: PR

In addition, there is now a day/night cycle. You’ll literally be able to watch the setting, then watch as all the nocturnal tea leaves come out to hang out with Nosferatu. 

There is also an immersive photo mode in AWAY, which was covered here before, where you can freeze-frame your hero mid-motion, tinker with some animal face filters, and post on Instagram. I may have made up the filter bit, though you can alter depth of field and exposure levels, you saucy minx.

Check out AWAY here:

Not long to go now, and we’ll see AWAY grace the PC, PS4 and PS5. Hopefully, the latter will materialise as a review piece in due course, so watch this space.  

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