Any decent developer will maintain patches and updates based on feedback from their communities, but how many update a demo with improvements? Dark Pigeon Games have with AWAKEN: Astral Blade.

Such improvements include the UI interface, difficulty of the game, new combos, optimised animations for the main character, a rebuilt mini-map, and more. But what’s the game about?

A 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania, you take on the role of Tania who is sent to Horace Islands to search for a missing Investigation Force. However, on her travels, she stumbles upon a dark Karpas energy source and the origins of a long-lost civilisation.

Here are the key features in AWAKEN: Astral Blade:

  • Unique Invoke Abilities System to hone combat skills and combos. 
  • Discover shards of memories and information, like echoes of the past, which represent an energy war of a thousand years ago.
  • Parry, Fast-Stand-up and Hyperfocus — these abilities will help Tania in battle and gain control in her encounters.
  • Discover the weak spots of your enemies and deal extra damage when attacking them, sending them in a special feeble status.
  • Customisation is everything so take the time to discover the characteristics and advantages of enhancing your skills. Talents, weapons, abilities and costumes can all be customised to your gameplay style. 

Check out the trailer:

Try the AWAKEN: Astral Blade demo on Steam now.