Athenian Rhapsody Come See Athens (Or Don’t), And Experience A Bespoke Adventure

Create your very own journey in Athenian Rhapsody, then share it online with a unique token. Perhaps you can share your thoughts on IBS, too?

Have you ever wanted to experience allergies and IBS at the same time? You do? Boy, are you in for a treat with the comedy RPG Athenian Rhapsody. That’s the same sentence that pulled me in—I’ve been wanting that experience for years!

When you choose your own adventure, you expect that to be the case. No sharing: this is my journey. Well, this indie from Nico Papalia and published by Top Hat Studios features a genuine bespoke experience – so unique that at the end of each run, you’ll get a memento/token of what you did to share and boast about online.

As the junket says here, ‘explore the colourful world of Athens as you make friends (or not), engage in rambunctious mini-games ranging from weight-lifting, shooting bugs, or drawing your own bosses to fight, and partake in excruciating challenges such as “Carry A Feather”‘.

Key features include:

  • Explore the colorful world of Athens, and hop from town-to-circus-to-UFO-piloted-by-cats-in-the-sky as you write your Rhapsody
  • Answer a deep, meaningful personality test that reveals your deepest, darkest desires (such as wanting to be a bus driver)
  • Party members galore! 16 potential companions await, each with a bold personality and some being a little bit more unhinged than others
  • Tons of enemies for you to FIGHT or BEFRIEND! This world has no shortage of intense battles with opponents that range from weird, wacky, tough, cute, and outright goofy!
  • Figure out why everyone’s crazy for hoarding EXP (hopefully it doesn’t have any side effects) and engage in tough Souls-like dating mechanics(?)
  • Minigames that’ll challenge your limits, like having to spell your own name, dodging space invaders, copying the circus mimes, and paying your taxes
  • A branching narrative with different endings depending on your choices, friendships, and other stuff that just happens in life

Even better, Athenian Rhapsody will launch on May 14th, 2024, for PC (Steam and GOG), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation (both), Xbox (both), and Android and iOS. No excuses—make a note, add it to your wishlist, and see where it takes you.