ASMR Food Experience Is An Assault On The Senses!

The food is ASMR Food Experience doesn't just look good, but it also sounds fantastic! Add this upcoming simulator for Steam to your wishlist now.

You can keep your ASMR perverts! Hang on a minute… have you heard how good the food is in ASMR Food Experience? Yeah, I’m not a foodie, but even I need to wipe away the drool right now.

Customer Services is a thankless role, but it can be massively rewarding, too. While cleaning and taking care of deliveries may seem a bit trivial, in return for your hard work, you’ll get to see and hear, some mouth-watering recipes.

ASMR Food Experience claims to be a simulator that allows you to ‘run the business that best suits your taste’. There’s a little wordplay, methinks. You don’t need to have a wardrobe of latex or spend hours on Twitch for your next ASMR fix – check out the trailer:

There’s no release date confirmed from Gameparic yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from adding to your wishlist. Now, wipe your chops…

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