Art of Rally
Source: PR

Art of Rally is coming to Steam this year that covers a career originating in the 60s with over 50 cars to choose from.

When it comes to art, I know what I like, and when it comes to driving games, I do love rally games. From Sega Rally through to the most recent WRC 8, soon to be WRC 9, I have a lot of time for these titles, especially when they’re unlike their peers.

Art of Rally is, of course, a rally game and from Funselektor who created Absolute Drift. They know what they’re doing. It’s a heavily stylised game but with the substance to back it up, with a focus on the golden era of rally.

Art of Rally - Country Road
Country Road. Source: PR

Tracks include those set in Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan and Germany, and players will be able to pick from a wealth of vehicles from the 60s through to the 90s. Wait… what?! That’s amazing!

That’s right; the career mode dates back to the early 60s with 50+ vehicles to choose from as you climb the ranks and top the leaderboards. 

Best of all, Art of Rally caters for beginners through to experts so if you’re a little hesitant on putting your foot down or keep ending in the ditch, there the opportunity to fine-tune stability, counter steer and anti-lock braking assist. Oh – and automatic and manual transmission too.

Art of Rally features the following:

  • Progress through the golden years of rally in Career Mode
  • 50+ iconic rally cars from the 60s to the 90’s, Group B, Group S, Group A
  • 60 rally stages in Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan and Germany
  • Daily and weekly challenges with leaderboards
  • Photo and Replay mode for sharing screenshots

Fancy seeing it in action? Me too, so here it is:

Art of Rally will be out on Steam, so head on over there now for when it’s available, later this year.

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