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Are You Ready For Another Bar Game?

It’s coming… Another Bar Game is on its way this October on Steam. Not played the demo yet? Duh… go on then!

Another Bar Game
Source: Steam

Another Bar Game? Are you kidding me!?! Calm down, calm down – it’s the name of the game, and we’ve hardly been inundated with booze-infused titles besides the excellent Dude, Where Is My Beer? 

Nice plug there, as it’s the same developer, Arik Games, and our favourite pilsner hunter makes a cameo, too. But enough about the past – let’s look to the future of bartending.

As Frank, we’ve been recruited as the local bar boy and have to pull pints, replace stock, and ensure the establishment is all tickety-boo; otherwise, you’re out on your arse.

But enough with the words? Where’s the Another Bar Game trailer? Why here, of course:

Another Bar Game is coming to Steam in October. Make sure to try out the demo, wishlist it, and smirk when you see a quote made by yours truly on the store page. Ta-ta!

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