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Aqua Lungers Couch Co-Op Out Now

Aqua Lungers

Couch co-op is as commonplace as rogue-like these days, so here’s a new one out for the Switch today: Aqua Lungers.

What makes this any different from the current multiplayer games out there is the stages – they’re pretty big.

In the game, you scramble across the underwater terrains attempting to collect the most treasure with up to four players competing.

I have to say, the presentation is appealing too with a wide range of creatures to encounter and some eye-popping colours throughout, Aqua Lungers is a little brighter than most.

Aqua Lungers - Fishy
Something fishy. Source: PR

But fear not lonesome friends, the good people at WarpedCore Studios have made this a solo venture too; don’t let others hold you back and invade your TV territory, just be prepared for harsher penalities.

Hint hint, get some friends, chump.

We all like a good story, especially those that aren’t riddled with hearsay politics – go elsewhere for that – but it was interesting to read that Aqua Lungers was the result on an academic exercise when founder of WarpedCore Studio was first learning to code.

What a great initial result – I hope that the game plays out as well as it looks.

Here are few features you can expect to see:

  • Wreak havoc with split screen action for up to 4 players.
  • Survive 7 massive zones, 21 stages, and 7 boss levels.
  • Acquire and deploy devastating power-ups to eliminate the competition.
  • Play for keeps with support for TV, Tabletop, and Handheld modes.
  • Make your mark: Who can reach 3,000 points first?

Check out the Aqua Lungers trailer below:

Time to dive in – Aqua Lungers is out on the Nintendo eShop now!

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