Do Androids Dream Of Annie And The AI?

An AI so advanced that it can learn its commands through its protocols, but also understand its creator? Annie and the AI coming in 2023...

This little scoop on Annie and the AI was written some days ago, but as I was a little unsure of when to publish it, and as a result, this ain’t so much the scoop now. That said, it’s certainly worth those two minutes of your life to read through.

From NoSleepGames, this is a puzzle-based visual novel featuring voice actress Katy Bentz (of Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Life is Strange: True Colours fame). It’s about the bond between creator and creation, a.k.a. an AI relationship.

Your role in Annie and the AI is to learn and grow this newly formed processing unit, understand its functions, and learn about the creator, Annie, and ‘her very own personal struggles’. To do this, you’re gonna have to solve some puzzles

Check out the trailer below:

You might be wondering when you can pick Annie and the AI up. It’s currently scheduled for February 2023, so add it to your wishlist now, as it’ll be here in no time!

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