Inevitable Studios Has You Always In Mind With Their Meaningful Debut

Escape the limitations of your mind by reliving experiences in platform adventure, Always in Mind.

It’s inevitable that someonesomewhere, would make an emotional action platformer built around family connections and that someone is Inevitable Studios with their debut game Always in Mind.

Ticking all the above and then some, the studio was ‘born out of a desire to create meaningful games with talented people all across the globe’. They haven’t contacted me yet, but I’m not a dev. I am a gamer, however, and keen to play this.

I’ve touched upon Always in Mind before, but if clicking a link is against everything you stand for, let me tell you this: it’s a narrative-driven game where you must escape your mind, living out family stories from the past. We all re-live events in our heads anyway, so why not do it with a controller?

Would you like to see a trailer? Knock yourself out:

Always in Mind will be available during the Steam Next Fest, but after copying the link below, I noticed a demo up now. So… what are you waiting for?