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Alwa’s Legacy Sets Out On The Switch Next Week

When it was announced that Alwa’s Legacy would be out at the end of September, it seemed like there was plenty of time to clear the backlog, but if this calendar is right, it’s out next week!

Following on from their 8-bit inspired platformer Alwa’s Awakeningindie developer Elden Pixels are continuing the series with a 16-bit aesthetic and clearly looks the part to all those fellow 16-bit veterans.

The story continues with the protagonist, Zoe. After saving the land of Alwa in the first title, on her return, she finds her surroundings unfamiliar. Before long, she is helping the inhabitants from a mysterious curse.

Alwa's Legacy - In the hood
Source: Steam

Equipped with her magic staff, Zoe has to fight a range of monsters, building up a skill set that consists of offensive, defensive and explorative, plus using magical upgrades along the way.

Not without its perils, Alwa’s Legacy features an array of booby traps and pitfalls to evade and outsmart, plus a whole host of interesting characters and dangerous dungeons.

Alwa’s Legacy is a huge step up for us in every department. We’ve already had some glowing praise from the Steam community and we’ve made sure that when the game is released on Nintendo Switch, it’ll deliver the best version it can be on that platform.
Mikael Forslind, Game Designer for Elden Pixels.

Here’s a current gameplay trailer:

Alwa’s Legacy is already available on Steam, but will be on the Nintendo eShop from the 29th of September.

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