Alpaca Ball Allstars
Source: Steam

A new study of ‘the beautiful game’, Alpaca Ball Allstars is an eight-player football game of chaos heading to Steam and the Switch.

This site is an advocate for football games – soccer too, so when Leoful and Salt Castle Studio are launching an animal-based game featuring ‘not llamas’, it’s worth making notes.

Before spitting in its face, Alpaca Ball Allstars is pitched as a fun, clumsy soccer game. Kit your mammals out in bling and play the long neck game rather than the long ball and this physics-based game is put into a little more context.

*Spits on floor. Soccer*

Alpaca Ball Allstars - Street
Street rules. Source: Steam

With up to eight players at a time and set over a variety of courses that include the traditional pitch, hockey locations and more, expect to see variations of power-ups, environmental hazards and upside-down scoreboards.

Key features include:

  • Physics-based engine for unpredictable and hilarious results!
  • Enjoy frenetic local multiplayer with up to 8 other people or play online with your friends via Steam Remote Play (they don’t even need to own the game)!
  • Take your alpaca to glory in Career Mode solo, or share the prestige in two player local co-op!
  • Vibrant pitches inspired by famous places such as South America’s Machu Picchu!
  • Customize your Alpaca!

Put some shades on, this is a bright game:

Alpaca Ball Allstars is out on the 15th of October on Steam and the 5th of November for the Nintendo Switch.

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