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Alone With You Is An Adventure/Visual Novel Coming To Switch This Month

Sci-fi indie adventure Alone With You gets a release date confirmed on the Nintendo Switch this month, with a pre-order 10% on offer right now.

Alone With You coming to the Switch July 2021
Source: PR

The upcoming sci-fi adventure title Alone With You gets a release date on the Nintendo Switch this month.

Initially launched on Steam, this indie title from developer Benjamin Rivers follows the last survivor of a diminishing space colony. Accompanied by AI and some ‘chatty’ holograms, you must investigate the cause of why everything went wrong.

Alone With You - Reality check
Reality check. Source: PR

Alone With You is a blend of an adventure and visual novel, comparing itself to a mix of Space Quest and OK Cupid. I need not read any further based on that comparison as I’m in, but for the sake of this news piece, here are the features:

  • Over a dozen missions, multiple endings, varied conversation choices, and some surprising decisions provide a story you can sink your teeth into and experience multiple times
  • A love letter to the Sega CD — vibrant, colourful 16-bit visuals and detailed cut-scene vignettes paint a beautiful sci-fi universe
  • Completely original soundtrack with more than 30 foot-tapping, otherworldly tunes
  • Accessibility features: separate music/sound effects volume sliders; full-screen/windowed modes; simultaneous keyboard/controller support

At the time of writing, the Switch trailer is unlisted, so I don’t want to be told off for sharing, but here’s a link to the PC version to give you an idea:

Alone With You has already accumulated some glowing testimonies from the big boys, so eager to experience this on the Switch when it launches worldwide on the 30th July, currently with a 10% pre-order discount.

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