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Almost My Floor Prologue Out Now On Steam

Almost My Floor Prologue is a new indie horror title from Potata Company, coincidentally, the team behind Potata: Fairy Flower. The full title is expected in February 2021.

There’s a multitude of genres in the mix-up: point and click adventure, horror and mystery, and judging by the trailer, it comes across as something quite similar to The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters. That’s a good thing.

Almost My Floor Prologue - Stance
Making a stance. Source: Steam

As Alex, a horror movie fan, he returns home to find strange things happening in his apartment building. Before he knows it, reality and delusion are inseparable, and he engages with monsters in an endless maze of floors, meeting victims tortured by this parallel world’s inhabitants.

The goal of Almost My Floor, naturally, is to escape. The trailer has used the wrong music as it dampens the impact, but if you can ignore it, the Almost My Floor Prologue begs to be played.

See for yourself:

You can pick up Almost My Floor Prologue on Steam now and wishlist it while you’re there. The full game should be with us by February 2021.

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