All You Can Eat! Nutaku Invited To Daring House Party

Nutaku asked for a double entendre, so Eek! Games gave them one, in the House Party on PC.

Sup rude boys? Emphasis on rudeHouse Party is a carbon copy of what really happens at a house party without restraint. What they show you in the movies is mostly inaccurate, but the motivation is typically the same: get your end away.

That’s right, fellow lechers, the point of House Party, from Eek! Games, isn’t to TP the house or piss in the fish tank, but you will get to sew your oats with the guests, but be prepared to run a few errands first.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun, a rogue origami site, infamously (well, not that dramatic), gave the moniker ‘Worst Game Of The Year’ in 2017. Still, having touched its knee over the weekend, that’s not remotely accurate for 2021.

House Party - Frank
Let’s be Frank. Actually, let’s not. Source: Steam

In House Party, your pal Derek has invited you to Madison’s get-together of reprobates. Your job is to mingle in a first-person fashion, chatting up targets with who you want to share DNA. There’s lots of freedom as you can hit upon the men and women, or both in the same playthrough, if you’re smart about it.

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Dialogue heavy, where your actions have a real effect on the outcome, House Party has the hallmarks of a point and click, with the brutality of a game over if you end up getting in a fight. It’s just as hard to dip your wick in the game as it is in real life. Depending on how much time you spend on World of Warcraft, nerds.

Anyway, Nutaku is on board, and if you aren’t aware of them, they specialise in adult content. I have one of their free-to-play titles and have spent an unhealthy amount of time on it – not for the tits, but the clicks – it’s addictive.

I’m ecstatic and humbled by the huge player base this game has grown since I started on my silly little project.  I never thought it would turn into anything this huge!  Myself and my team are dedicated to polishing up this game and bringing it out of early access and keeping a close ear on all of the overwhelmingly positive player feedback and suggestions!

Bobby Ricci, the CEO, and Founder of Eek! Games 

Here’s a trailer, homes:

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In Early Access, you can pick up House Party and see for yourself. There’s even the chance to hang out with the Game Grumps, too, which is on my to-do list. 

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