All Hands On Steam Deck!

Just a post to cheer that my Steam Deck arrived and that I'll be playing it for many many hours...

Ok, so about an hour or so ago, my Steam Deck arrived. This is one of those rare posts of no news, no reviews, but a quick blog-like post of, “Gone to lunch, back at ….”.

That doesn’t mean I’m on a hiatus, no-siree – I have more reviews to do than I can shake a stick at, but… the majority of them are PC-based, so I’ll be reviewing on my new gadget. I’ll still be writing articles here, but any regulars that follow my output may note I’ve been quiet on Twitter. That’s for two reasons: I’ve been busy over the Summer holidays (playing Elden Ring – platinum achieved, may I add?), and the second reason is… I don’t really want to.

Social media has never been for me. Despite actively writing about games (and other stuff), I like to keep a low profile and seriously can’t be doing with the fickleness of it all. The unfollowing. You cover someone’s game, they don’t like your review, then they unfollow you. Up until then, I’ve been reading endless posts about crap that I could care less about, but do that generic thing of ‘I’ll follow you if you follow me’ routine. I thought about closing my account, but some publishers like an active social account (even though this site gets decent organic traffic for a solo project – without the need to post to N4G, either).

Steam Deck close up
A Steam Deck, yesterday. Source: Steam

Wow, that turned into a bit of a rant. I guess it’s because I wanted to say this on social media, but that contradicts everything above. Anyway: Steam Deck. No Steam Deck review as everybody’s done it now, and it’s not an exclusive. I will aim to declare whether the Steam games I review were played on the Deck or not. If I remember.

So, for a ‘quick post’, because I don’t have the time to write all the other bits and bobs, completely countered my intent. Silly me. Right: time to open the box, charge it up and play some review titles, then a little bit of Cursed To Golf on the PS5 (review coming tomorrow).

Tatty-bye xxx

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