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Alien Hominid Invasion In Development

Alien Hominid Invasion in development

In the 16-bit era, run and gun wasn’t really a common term, but it defined a lot of the shooters coming out around that time. Since then we’ve had the likes of the Metal Slug series, which is hands down one of my favourites. Well, we have a modern approach with some brightly coloured characters: Alien Hominid Invasion.

Hominid isn’t a go-to word in my limited vocabulary, but having looked it up, it refers to the great apes and us humans (not me, more you) are part of this group. Well, the research continues but more with the premise of the game than me telling you what a hominid is.

Alien Hominid Invasion - Dirty apes
You dirty apes! Damn you! Source: PR

Alien Hominid Invasion, from The Behemoth, has you and up to three other players team up for some good old run and gun action. The invasion in question is Earth and as part of an alien race, you’re sent to wipe us out. It’s not real though (least, I don’t think so), so it’s ok to slip into these slimy alien boots and prepare for annihilation.

If you like explosions, you’re in for a treat as Alien Hominid Invasion appears to be a pyrotechnic’s wet dream. You can unlock new weapons, level up your characters and sabotage the plans of those despicable humans. You’re even able to mutate into larger than life alien forms for total destruction.

There’s a catch though: the game’s not ready as it’s still in development. However, by the time it does come out, I want to be at the front to try this out as Alien Hominid Invasion looks like a lot of fun. Best of all, it’s available on the Switch, so always a good sign.

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