Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I. – Home Of The Cat Nipple Joke

Cats are dicks - P.I.s, that is. How to break the internet. Albert Wilde Quantum P.I. is the next step in feline deductive skills as a demo comes to Steam Next Fest.

Animal detectives work, literally, whether that’s the Chicken Police or Inspector Waffles, I’m always down for something similar, and Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I. – a 1930s comedy noir looks superb.

Developed by beyondthosehills, you play the titular feline private eye caught up in a murder mystery featuring a wormhole to another reality and a plethora of cat nipple jokes (it says it here), name another title like it. Go on… 

We’ve taken a very different approach with our latest game… Switching from a puzzle game to a black and white cat comedy comes with challenges, but it’s a fresh, fun new direction for the team, and we’re loving it!

Maria Aloupi, co-founder of beyondthosehills

Key features in Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I. include:

  • Vintage visuals inspired by 1930’s cinema: 4:3 aspect ratio, black and white colours, and a world of light and shadow
  • A lighthearted genre-bending mystery from the team behind relaxing puzzler ‘Reky’, written with the support from renowned narrative design company Talespinners.
  • Navigate different dialogue options, and peel back the layers of a mind-bending mystery.
  • Loveable anthropomorphic characters of all stripes, brought to life with collage animation and non-human “voice” acting.
  • A captivating voice over and atmospheric music, to get you right into the noir mood!

Have a look-see at the trailer below:

Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I. isn’t out until Q3 2022, but a demo is available during the Steam Next Fest, so do yourself a favour and download and wishlist it. If that’s too much effort, I’ll post my thoughts soon. On the game, not about what I’m having for lunch next Tuesday.