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AI Hasn’t Come Far Enough

When a service plan boasts lightning-quick responses at an affordable price, you’d be a fool not to opt for a Hostinger plan. ‘You get what you pay for’ is a line I don’t fully subscribe too, as predominantly it all boils down to customer experience, but this service might have well been free.

When a slight technical hiccup occurred, it swiftly materialised to cut and paste responses, unwanted emoji and a customer service mission statement devised by a dog turd and a contempt for helping people. As with game reviews, they’re all subjective, and you can make your own opinion, and I’ve certainly have made mine.

My experience of Hostinger was the worst I’ve had in my 20+ years of web usage, and I was around the time of the Hamster Dance viral video. These guys are worse.

Sure, they’re all ‘nice’, but a support team only available via email, a Live Chat service that states they answer within 30 minutes that transpires to 2 hours and then four wasted days of downtime and a massive dent in productivity, you’d forgive me for not be pretty darn disgusted with their service that I’ve subsequently cut ties.

Despite concise explanations of the issue, a response of ‘have you switched it on and off again?’ like ‘answers’ with links to help files, then a compensation package of one weeks’ hosting when there’s already YEARS left makes me wonder if I should have gone with the other providers in the first place.

I’m writing this is because if you’ve been to the site and seen no updates or broken pages, you can thank those useless twats for dragging their heels (I ended up sorting it myself and hours later, a ‘tech’ member claims to have sorted for me and the website was running wonderfully. Thanks for the compliment.

I’m sure this wasn’t as disruptive to your life as it has been to mine, but nevertheless, the radio silence has been down to piss-poor, inferior AI responses from their customer team. Oh wait, not AI – apparently, they’re operated by people 🙂

That last emoji was sarcasm. Back to the reviews, with less vulgarity!

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