Age Of Darkness Last Stand Puts Up A Fight In Early Access

Build your defences during the day and fight off Nightmares at night - over 70,000 of them... Age Of Darkness Last Stand is coming to Early Access.
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The ultimate last stand is showcased in upcoming survival RTS Age Of Darkness Last Stand as it gets an Early Access announcement trailer from Playside Studios.

A dark fantasy with a modern spin on the survival RTS genre, you have to command a defensive wall against the swarms of nightmares, carefully managing your resources and implementing rapid recruitment to see your people through the night.

Age Of Darkness Last Stand - Glastonbury got dark
Glastonbury got dark. Source: Steam

During the day, you will construct your buildings, gather resources, and recruit your army, led by unique heroes. Come night, the Nightmares arrive, and you have to tackle thousands of enemy units, hoping to rise from the ashes from your inevitable defeat.

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Age Of Darkness Last Stand features procedurally generated maps. Your task is to reclaim territory that the enemy, The Veil, has taken, using light to cure the darkness. The problem is, there’s a thick, dynamic living fog that conceals the enemies. If your units come too close, they become horrified with fear, lowering their effectiveness.

Note that the PR for the game states thousands of enemies. Age Of Darkness features an internally developed technology called SwarmTech that allows over 70,000 enemy units on screen at one time. I’ll let you digest that for one moment.

Your survival relies on your unique heroes that level up with progression and could turn the tide of battle with the skills. However, the enemy has their elite units too, so go figures…

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Here’s an Age Of Darkness Last Stand trailer:

The game will be coming to Early Access in the Autumn of 2021. For further details, see the Steam page and wishlist it.

If you share this, I'll love you forever (ish)