Age of Darkness: Last Stand Gets A Publisher

Initially being released by the devs, Age of Darkness: Last Stand has Team17 climb on board for publishing duties - out this Autumn in Early Access.
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This news is good news: Age of Darkness: Last Stand gets a publisher, and it’s none other than Team17. As mentioned in the recent news piece, the game is coming to Early Access in autumn.

A game by PlaySide Studios, it’s a survival RTS where you have to fend off against a seemingly infinite swarm of enemies that rise out of the darkness to take out all life. Taking them to death, not a pleasant meal.

Age Of Darkness Last Stand coming to Early Access
Source: Steam

Procedurally generated maps are relatively common now, so what makes Age of Darkness: Last Stand stand out, is the insane amount of enemies on screen at one time, without needing a supercomputer. The enemy, The Veil, uses the in-house SwarmTech as devised by the devs.

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Key features in the game include:

  • Nightmares made real: Using an internally developed technology ‘SwarmTech’, Age of Darkness: Final Stand is able to render in over 70, 000 enemies on screen at any point
  • All-consuming fog: Claim back the procedurally generated world from ‘The Veil’, a dynamic fog that conceals enemies, and drains the life from a player’s forces
  • Earn your blessings: Each ‘Death Night’, a random affliction appears that modifies the game, testing the player’s best laid plans and ability to keep the darkness at bay
  • A champion must rise: Leading the charge against the horrors that await, Heroes can be the key to turning the tide of battle with their unique abilities
  • An army needs training: Configure your army differently each run with a skill tree system for different classes – grant your archers invisibility or imbue your sentinels with life-stealing rage
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Have a look-see at the latest Age of Darkness: Last Stand vid:

As mentioned, Age of Darkness: Last Stand is out this Autumn in Early Access. Wishlist it from the link below.

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