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AFK Arena Introduces A Certain Assassin To Its Ranks

Mega-hit AFK Arena is a mobile game with over 40 million downloads(!) worldwide since its release last year, and now it introduces a new character to the roster.

We all know about the next Assassin’s Creed instalment, right? Wrong. There’s a new one in town featuring a ‘newcomer’ named Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Pfft, newcomer indeed.

This time around though, the assassin will be heading to mobile as he’s leaping Lilith Games’ mobile mega-hit AFK Arena. All you need to do is download him and the game for free. Is this an affiliate link? No. It’s free.

AFK Arena - Ezio in action
Ezio in action. Source: PR

AFK Arena is available on both iOS and Android, so there won’t be any insinuation whether you’re a Templar or Assassin – regardless of your preferred operating system.

AFK Arena is an idle fantasy-based RPG mobile game for iOS and Android platforms. With a unique art style, rich lore and world-building, various gameplay modes and a grind free gameplay mechanic, AFK Arena is easy to get into but has massive strategic depth to keep players of all levels coming back time and again.

There’s even some nice moving pictures to celebrate this collaboration between Lilith Games and Ubisoft from the trailer below:

Grab AFK Arena on the App Store or Google Play… NOW! And yes, I’ve downloaded it to trial too, despite not being much of a mobile gamer – this is the opening scene!

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