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Want A Bit More RPG In Your Barrista Duties? Wishlist Affogato!

If you really want to get into the heads of your coffee customers, Affogato might be the barista role for you in this card battler RPG meets coffee shop management game.

Affogato Steam
Source: Steam

Who doesn’t like coffee? Well, that was me most of my life until the past two years, but perhaps Affogato may have changed my mind as it’s a real-time tactical card battler RPG meets coffee shop. And breath.

Ok, this sort of game might not encourage the masses to binge on caffeine, but perhaps they will on Spiral Up Games and Befun Studio’s indie title, coming to Steam next year. 

Back to that coffee shop reference, you’ll manage a cafe in Arorua. As you listen to the customers’ life stories, you’ll jump into their heads to defeat inner demons using a reverse tower defence style of gameplay. Fusing anime-style 3D and 2D visuals, Affogato is coming across like the Persona series. A little bit.

A summary of the key features includes:

  • Brand New Reversed Tower Defense System with Cards – ... choose the best cards for each stage, evaluate their cost, the route to take, and how to best use the skill and item cards in real time.
  • Climb the Career Ladder of Professional Coffee Barista – … realistic coffee-making simulation in which you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the workings of various equipment to make your brew. Different flavors and blends will have knock-on effects on the storyline dialogue.
  • Schedule Your Daily life as a Sorceress – …Every action costs time in Affogato. Once the clock hits 12 PM, the next day will roll around, so you’ll need to plan each day with care.
  • Build Unique Friendships by Helping Customers – There are 6 NPCs with whom you can interact, each one with a whopping 10,000 words of unique storylines

Here’s an Affogato trailer:

And just because it’s not due until 2023, that doesn’t mean you can’t wishlist Affogato on Steam now. Go on, do it.

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