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Adome Conscientious Robot Runners

A robot parkour title, Adome is a compelling narrative about maturity and oneness with nature.

Adome coming soon
Source: PR

Futuristic first-person parkour, Adome is an upcoming title that focuses on loneliness, maturity and being in contact with nature.

It’s like Firewatch in the snow, meets Mosaic with architectural design by Ethan Mars (Heavy Rain) after he played a spot of Portal. But unlike all of these excellent titles, Adome is a parkour based game.

The background story to the game offers a lot of depth. Unable to reverse the effects of climate change, humanity has created the City of Light – a dome that hosts a host of 7-year old inhabitants known as the Seeds.

Adome - Not an AD catalogue
Not from AD magazine. Source: PR

In this protective dome, they are cared for by humanoid robots called Instructors which only serve when the Seeds are present. One of these robots, IB1 wakes up but there the children aren’t anywhere to be found, so it ventures out to locate them using jumping and climbing skills that include running up walls and shooting enemies in the first-person perspective.

A parkour title influenced by Mirror’s Edge and inspired by the Brad Bird film Tomorrowland (great film – watch it!), the story will inform about ‘loneliness, maturity and the importance of being in contact with nature’.

Quite frankly, this looks superb on so many levels – not just the visuals, but the concept too and pleased to hear that this isn’t a distant project for next-gen, but coming this year.

Adome is a title by Timsea Studios, and it’ll be heading to the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam this Autumn. In the meantime, they’ve provided a teaser trailer, and the catalyst for my name dropping of titles in the opener:

Out on multiple platforms this Autumn, this is one to watch.

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