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Action Arcade Wrestling Enters The Switch

Why aren’t there any wrestling games any more? Action Arcade Wrestling may change that as it looks to enter the Switch arena…

Action Arcade Wrestling coming to the Switch
Source: PR

I’m genuinely on the lookout for a decent wrestling game, as much as I want a decent football title. Will Action Arcade Wrestling be my calling? 

Coming to the Switch, this wrestling title from VICO Game Studio in partnership with Reverb Triple XP is a 90s style arcade experience with over 30 fighters and 25(!) playable modes such as Elimination and Battle Royale.

That 90s influence is a big draw as the current benchmark, in my opinion, is WWF Wrestlefest from the arcades. That’s my era, but now it’s all about UFC. Could Action Arcade Wrestling feel the void?

Here’s the trailer:

Action Arcade Wrestling is already out for PS4, Xbox One and Steam, but it’ll make its way to the ring (the Switch) next month. 

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