A Void Hope Release Date Is… Wait… I Can’t Quite Remember

A couple seek a cure for an unknown affliction on the pixel art streets of A Void Hope - coming to Switch and PC this month.

Elden Pixels are back again, this time with the atmospheric narrative adventure A Void Hope, coming to both the Switch and PC at the end of February.

When a city collapses and its citizens become shells of their former selves, a couple try to locate a cure, but the affliction affects their memories. They venture forth onto the dark and dangerous streets with the aim of avoiding conflict.

A Void Hope is a short, immersive experience that is ‘best enjoyed in a single sitting on a rainy, dark night’. Adopting the gorgeous pixel art aesthetic seen in the likes of Alwa’s Legacy, the game features a soundtrack by synthwave artist, Waveshaper, and sound production from Little Nightmares audio designer Christian Björklund.

How about a dev diary vid?

Before you head off to wishlist it, make a note that A Void Hope will be released on the Nintendo Switch and PC on the 29th of February, 2024.