A Tale of Paper coming to PS4
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Winner of the PlayStation Talents Awards, A Tale of Paper is a collaboration between Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Open House Games.

Forget that chump Mario, there’s more malleable paper in PlayStation Town.

A digital-only release, A Tale of Paper tells the story of a paper boy who uses ‘origami to fulfil the dream of his creator’. The question that Open House Games (Twitter link) wanted to explore in the game is:

Can a dream transcend its owner?

A Tale of Paper - Cardboard
A prologue of cardboard. Source: PR

Using an innovative way of applying origami to every obstacle, such as the evil Roombas, your character, Line, can exhibit an array of abilities using a simple shape – each with its own unique perk.

We mix puzzles and platforming but we also throw in some suspense and bits and pieces of walking simulation in this mix. It is also worth noting that this is no 2D platformer. The camera scrolls laterally, but players can roam in its world in any direction.

Open House Games

Key features in A Tale of Paper include:

  • Help a fragile and endearing paper to fulfil the dream of his creator. Embark on an adventure of loss and hope through the eyes of Line, a paper boy who magically came to live. Assist him escape from unusual dangers and bring him the strength he will need to reach the end of his journey.
  • Use origami to overcome obstacles. Master Line’s origami transformations to reach new levels, solve light puzzles and complete platforming sequences.
  • Discover our world from a different perspective. Experience a super-sized world through the eyes of a small paper boy.
  • An experience without text. You will live the story through the world and its objects. Explore a variety of levels each with its own ambience and story to tell. Remember that visuals can be more powerful than words…

Here’s poetry in motion…

A Tale of Paper is out later this year on the PlayStation 4. More to follow as… it unfolds.

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