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A Street Cat’s Tale Coming To Switch This March

Though more of a dog person, taking care of a kitten to ensure it survives 10 days in the city could be an adventure to take. A Street Cat’s Tale out on Switch this March.

A Street Cat's Tale Nintendo Switch

Here’s an interesting release coming up: A Street Cat’s Tale. As a fan of dogs rather than cats, this isn’t a title that would usually appeal to me, but the story appears to be quite an endearing one.

Take on the role of nurturing a kitten who is without its mother. The goal is simple on paper: survive 10 days in the city. What happens after that, nobody knows but with multiple endings, A Street Cat’s Tale, by Feemodev, looks like a title with plenty of replay value.

A Street Cat's Tale - Street food
Proper authentic street food: cat. Source: PR

How long these 10 days are in-game will be revealed when the game is released in the early part of March on the Nintendo Switch and also on Steam. Apparently some of the complications the kitten faces are the people and other animals you meet. As the release information states ‘Some will feed you and help take care of you, while others may be surprisingly mean and cruel’.

Pre-orders start from the 5th March, with the digital release coming out worldwide on the 12th March 2020. Have a looksie at the trailer below for an inkling on what to expect.

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