A Story About Farting Review – Beanz, Meanz, Fartz

Click here to fart. Yes, A Story About Farting is a clicker. About farting.

It’d be quite a skill to write an in-depth review of A Story About Farting – a clicker from Lizard Games. You click, you fart, you earn achievements. It might also be worth mentioning that there’s not even a story in the game. You’re effectively tickling the belly of a fatty named Fatty.

The Steam store page offers more exposition than the game: ‘Visit Old Mushroom’s Hit, welcome Fatty and feed him until he explodes’. There’s no room for misunderstandings as that’s precisely what will happen (hardly a spoiler): he’ll blow up, though a little more gracefully than the chap in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.

Already, I’m struggling for words. A Story About Farting doesn’t have a story, and as a clicker, there are no mechanics to explain other than resting your cursor on Fatty’s belly and repeatedly clicking 5000+ times. Anyone familiar with the genre will know what to expect, yet unlike the insane replayability of Great Hero’s Beard or the ever-evolving jars in My Name Is Mayo, nothing changes in the scene except for additional characters and animations.

A Story About Farting Review - Milestone
Milestone. Source: Screen capture

A Story About Farting Review – Who Cut The Cheese?

Achievements flow fast, and there are 50 in all. Your first will be in under a minute, and alas, they don’t really have any relevance. You can’t interact with the scenery, and there are no additional options—all that is required is a click. Duh—that’s the nature of a clicker. Yes, that’s true, but they’re typically addictive—Femdemic, for instance—this, not so much.

It took me just over an hour to finish A Story About Farting, and I did so while watching YouTube. It’s very rare for me to look at anything other than my screen where I write when playing a game (unless it’s the Steam Deck and in front of the TV with the fam), yet what I did here.

The artwork, as vulgar as it is, is very well illustrated. The animations are ok, but the sound effects are naturally annoying as you’ll hear Fatty ripping himself a new arsehole thousands of times. As someone with quite a puerile sense of humour at times, I was a little indifferent to it, and I hate to say, it was a bit of a chore – as short as it was.

A Story About Farting Review - Full
Full house. Source: Screen capture

Silent But Deadly

You’ll forgive me for not completing this review in the usual format – I won’t give it a rating as it feels like a free-to-play title and has no replay value, as all 50 achievements are unmissable, and there are no further game modes. Butt… that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t get a rating because it’s bad. As I said, the artwork is good and hits the mark as a clicker. Based on the end credits, there’s more to come – this time from the developer – so it will be interesting to see what’s next.

A Story About Farting is a bona fide indie passion project that embraces the fart for all its worth and, fortunately, doesn’t linger any longer than it needs to. Support indie devs and have a look for yourself.