A PRELUDE To Beyond Sunset? Yep. Go Back To The Source…

Early Access cyberpunk FPS Beyond Sunset gets a PRELUDE so you can connect those origin dots before dusk.

In the style of Netflix, it’s official – Beyond Sunset is getting a new season. Ok, perhaps not that exact wording, but Vaporware and Movie Games’ FPS cyberpunk thingy has an all-new episode and soundtrack from Karl Vincent (available for purchase).

The latest update is the PRELUDE protocol—yes, in UPPERCASE. In an upgraded demo version, you’ll learn what happened before Raven dropped Lucy at that street corner and before the massacre started. 

Key features in the Beyond Sunset PRELUDE include:

  • Prelude episode (updated demo episode) added to the game
  • Enemies updated to use new AI system
  • SMGs replaced with battle rifle
  • Rocket launcher replaced with missile mod
  • Encounter balance adjusted for new combat mechanics
  • DX7 Boss Fight balance adjusted for new combat mechanics
  • Chapter 0 Tutorial updated
  • Minor level pathing changes to minimize navigation issues
  • Tweaked level visuals
  • Added more birds
  • Melvin sometimes

The highlight is clearly ‘added more birds’. Want to know what all the fuss is about? Read my Beyond Sunset preview by clicking this link. People with money can buy it via Steam using the non-affiliated link below.