A Highland Song In Development For Steam

Inkle's latest 2.5D adventure, A Highland Song, is currently in development for Steam and will explore nature's paths in the Scottish Highlands.

Now in development for PC and the Nintendo Switch is the next game from InkleA Highland Song – a 2.5d side-scrolling platform adventure.

Inkle might already ring a bell – they should. Last year they released the excellent Overboard! and before that, Heaven’s Vault, so in fear of putting pressure on them (like they’ll read this), this will be great.

The highland in the title refers to the location: The Highlands in Scotland. Forever declaring “I’ll go there someday”, perhaps A Highland Song will motivate that elusive trip as it captures everything about the picturesque landscape other than the actual cold.

Moira McKinnon is the hero. After receiving a letter from Uncle Hamish urging her to come to the coast, she runs away from her home of 15 years in pursuit of the sea she’s never viewed. She’ll explore hills, routes and memories, all to the tune of Scottish folk music.

Here’s A Highland Song trailer:

The next best thing you can do is add this to your wishlist on Steam. More details will be posted as it develops.