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5 Stupid Reasons Why I’d Rather Collect Mussels Than Build Them

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A random opinion piece here. With the time I’ve been escaping from reality by playing games once more, I wonder if I need to escape and instead just prefer my own time exploring the islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons than reconnecting with the outside world.

Get some fresh air, or go for a walk is the mantra in my household at the moment, and it’s all very beneficial, but I must say, I’m enjoying this bit of self-indulgence by switching off to it all.

So, I’ve got Animal Crossing: New Horizons now, and I understand what all the fanfare was about. In the short time I’ve had it, just over a week, I’ve been blitzing it. Not because I’m in a hurry to unlock everything or impatient, but because I occupy this space. It’s mine.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Autumn

On the surface, I dismissed the game as a little bit lame. That’s without giving it any more thought, other than ‘oh, this must be a Pokémon thing’. The latter was a scene that I skipped over and only introduced to it through my eldest daughter. And also the Chinpokémon episode from South Park.

What is Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Mostly bliss. I’ve gone from creating an avatar that looks nothing like me to a significant playa (that’s how you spell it) in the development of the island. The mortgage has been paid, and I’ve subsequently set up another remortgage for more space that I don’t need. Also, I’ve sourced the materials for a new shop, visited a handful of new locations and encouraged visitors to relocate to my island.

Even better, I’ve set up a gift network with my little girl who shares the island with me – sending little Post-it notes to each other ‘Here’s a surfboard’ or ‘Celebrate Tanabata with this bamboo plant’.

It’s taken over real-life just a bit, and I prefer it.

As you probably know, there’s a built-in clock, but as I look to my side see my activity watch needing a charge again, as for the past week, I haven’t been counting steps or doing any proper exercise.

Outside is currently overrated with the numptys who feel they’re immune to social distancing. I want to stay home and collect mussels on the outskirts of my island than build them.

Not entirely true, but it’s a feature!

Yes, yes, yes: going out and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, interacting with one another is essential, BUT, I’m not a doctor. I say grab another bowl of Shreddies, fill your water bottle and indulge in some niche object collecting.

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