5 Games I Can’t Stop Playing

Simply because I was fed up with the same feature image, I've written a list of the 5 games I can't stop playing - a.k.a. currently addicted to, as of July 2022.

Nobody looks at my site (don’t end the sentence there) more than I. Like looking in the mirror, you get complacent, change a few things here, chop off stuff there. No, I’m not talking about plastic surgery but tinkering with something for the sake of it.

Already bored of this little thumbnail 15 of the Best Cyberpunk Games, I wanted to change that to something else without committing to a lengthy feature that’ll take me hours. 

Instead, I’m going to write about the 5 games that are taking up all my time. Quick disclaimer: there are other titles under embargo – a.k.a. mention any names, and I’ll be shot in the testicles.

Here we go…

Elden Ring (PS5)

Tempted to buy it on release, but the pile of games to review stopped that and didn’t allow any time for committing. Four – maybe five months later, it was time to concede and get it.

Elden Ring promo
Elden Ring. Source: Steam

I went with the PS5 version for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s unlikely online modded players would ruin the experience. Secondly, there was enough storage space left. The only negative is the PS5 is in the lounge, and the family constantly walk past during one of the frequent battles, and as you know, you can’t pause it.

Quite possibly the best Torrent since eMule, Elden Ring is somewhat more accessible than the Dark Souls series, but more… epic. I love it, even if I’ve started three different builds simultaneously.

Hell Pie (PS5)

This was a review title and one of the few that I play after completing the write-up. There’s always the best intention to, but life gets in the way, as do other review titles. 

Hell Pie PS5 Review - Puts the HELL in Hell Pie
Source: Screen capture

Hell Pie is probably one of my favourite 3D platformers now. It’s racked up plenty of positive feedback for the game, and rightly so. With gamers, you predominantly cater to the great unwashed who loves a good dick and fart joke. What’s not to love about a cupid companion that can fart on command? Sure, that’s not the standout of this game, but it’s great nevertheless.

PowerWash Simulator (PC)

A Game Pass title that I thought I’d ‘give a go’ Man, this has swallowed up so much time that if I had spent the same time studying a language, I might be fluent. Might

PowerWash Simulator Review - Treehouse of Horrors
Treehouse of horrors. Source: PR

Is it the chilled vibes of water spraying, the immense satisfaction of washing away dirty objects and restoring them to their former glory? I keep asking myself why I play this so much. 

Yesterday I convinced my daughter to play this, and she looked incredibly bored. Misreading her glum face, I went to switch it off, but she asked if she could now play it. It works out that my ‘demo’ on how to play had taken far too long. One hour later and it was time to pull the dad card and say you’ve been on it too long; it’s my turn. PowerWash Simulator: catnip for cleaners.

Kingdom Rush (PC)

You’ll note the vague ‘Kingdom Rush‘ title. That’s because I’ve been dipping into them all. The recent Legends of Kingdom Rush used its dark magic to lure me in, and while the turn-based element is fantastic, I was longing for the tower defence experience once more.

Legends of Kingdom Rush Review - I am roots
I am roots. Source: Screen capture

So, kicking it ‘old school’, the two other titles on my playlist are Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers. The more recent Kingdom Rush Vengence missed out as I’ve nearly aced that and wanted to try something different. 

The problem with these games, much like Pixel Junk Monsters, is it evokes the perfectionist in me on a colossal scale. Just one enemy getting through – regardless if it’s the last of 20 waves, prompts a restart, and perhaps a change in the hero as someone (not me) has to be blamed. One of the best gaming series, IMHO.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Master (PC)

Another Game Pass title, we have this for the Switch, but bought it in Japan, and it is a little older in terms of song selections. Though we have a Japanese Switch account, we never use it for DLC or similar as it would mean getting permission from the wife, and she’ll know how much it all costs…

Squaring off in the loading screen for Don Katsu fight
Young, dumb and full of drum

Besides, it’s the Japanese version, and there’s a difference in the playlist. While the whole family like this, I prefer playing it on the PC with a few more titles I actually know. Not the anime ones, but the NAMCO games et al. That said, Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Master doesn’t have Anpanman. Its a bloody disgrace!

Anyway, this took me 25 minutes to write and probably 15 minutes to sort the images and do everything one does on a website. That sorts out that thumbnail problem, and I’ve been able to work on my fingering. For typing purposes.

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