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5 Cowardly Reasons Why I Can’t Quit Gaming

I can’t, nor won’t quit gaming. Here are some simple reasons why, and to run with an idea.

Why I Can't Quit Gaming
Source: Photo by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash

There are numerous reasons why I can’t quit gaming, and I’m sure it’s the same for you, but I can only speak for myself. Therefore, I’ve come up with a few as words of encouragement to say it’s ok, keep on gaming and don’t treat it like a dirty secret.

That other thing you’re into with the rubber chicken and marigolds? You should keep that one to yourself.

These sort of clickbait titles are commonplace in the gaming arena, and I thought “If you can’t beat them, emulate them”. Though this isn’t clickbait and a genuine attempt to write something a little bit different, and ‘quit gaming’ was my first idea (but also to pad out the features list so there’s a bit more variety).

Katana Zero Apartment
Queue the 80s montage. Source: Screenshot

No matter how long you’ve been playing games, you’re bound to have had someone at work turn their nose up at you for not growing up, parents or guardians who don’t understand the escapism or belonging a game can offer, or a partner who doesn’t get that this is a perfectly healthy hobby.

Unless you’re the type to cut down DJs with a katana, enjoy getting stoned with koalas or throwing your body off sheer drops outside of the lure of gaming, then you should be fine.

Me? I couldn’t give a toss what my peers think. I’ve had co-workers inform me how mind-numbing games are, that they encourage procrastination or glorify violence.

They’d better shut their mouth, or they’re getting a punch in the face! *ahem*

My dilemma reared its head a couple of times in the past when my partner thought I was spending too much money, and occasionally time, on games. As a knee jerk reaction, I’ve reluctantly sold small collections in the past to ‘grow up’. 

Koopa takes the 1st place on the podium in Mushroom Cup
Snoop to the Koops! Source: Screenshot

As I’m now somewhat grown-up and have turned my hobby into a place where I can be mildly creative and write about ‘stuff’, my lovely wife fully supports it. Now I have to persuade her about my other interests – interpretative dance! 

Untrue, but I don’t want to jeopardise my non-existent reputation with something dodgy.

Let’s begin by turning the page, and trying something different. Don’t worry: there won’t be any ads or pop-ups – just an experiment, so it doesn’t take forever to load the page for you.

First up: There’s Simply Too Much Freedom

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