41 Hours Prologue Demo Coming This Month

Help Ethan locate his wife over parallel universes, boasting guns as well as superhuman abilities: 41 Hours Prologue.

You have 41 hours to jot this down in your journal: 41 Hours Prologue has an upcoming demo that will be made permanent on Steam. Well, that is until you buy the game.

41 Hours Prologue sounds very much like a Tom Cruise film. You play Ethan, a workaholic scientist in search of his long lost wife. In the XIII-like transitions shown in the clip, he knows how to fire a gun too.

41 Hours Prologue - Ikea
Ikea are going a bit more high end these days. Source: Steam

Besides that, Ethan also sports some superpowers that will be unravelled in the game:

  • Telekinesis (mind manipulation of objects at distance)
  • Time manipulation (fast reaction over slow motion)
  • Cloaking (invisibility)

From Texelworks and Valkrie Initiative, the game will be a first-person shooter with a dramatic story that accompanies it. Well, if a scientist is picking up a gun and going postal like a 2021 Gordon Freeman…

Check out the trailer below:

41 Hours is currently in development, but the permanently available 41 Hours Prologue demo will be out on the 19th March.