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3on3 Freestyle Rebound Where Free Is The Magic Number

Get ’em on the rebound! 3ON3 FREESTYLE REBOUND is free to play on Steam!

3on3 Freestyle Rebound
Source: PR

Out now and free to play, 3on3 Freestyle Rebound. How about some 3 on 3 action with only one ball?

Admittedly, I haven’t been into basketball games since NBA Jam and NBA Street – the latter being a PS2 title that I grabbed again for nostalgia’s sake just before the lockdown.

But I have to say, 3on3 Freestyle Rebound looks the business and may reignite that flame for some bball. Still, as there’s no official Seattle Sonics like the glory days, it’s got a lot to do to win me over.

3on3 Freestyle Rebound - Game on
Game on. Source: PR

I hadn’t heard of the game before today, but this was originally a console title rebooted for the PC gamer, with a full-featured chat function solely for you lucky people.

With each player bringing their own signature spin (see what I did there?), there’s plenty on offer – especially as it’s free to play. What?! That’s right, and you can play it today!

We are happy to finally release 3on3 FreeStyle: Rebound on PC. We focused on delivering the best game experience PC tailored user interface and experience. We will do our best to provide on-going entertainment and excitement with various content updates and support to satisfy the expectation of the players.

Additionally, Joycity is hosting a series of events for new players to unlock a Steampunk-themed jersey upon login, an exclusive Steam nametag for playing one game, and logging in for 11 days will provide FS Points and cash credit rewards.

Here’s some dribbling action that doesn’t feature the elderly:

3on3 Freestyle Rebound is out now on Steam

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