Niche or what? Still, if you’re into your 3D printing, perhaps 3D PrintMaster Simulator – a simulation and management game on Steam- is the game for you.

Developed by Midnight Games, players will construct, personalise and oversee an exclusive printing workshop, assembling and upgrading parts and boasting unlimited designing. This could have saved me HOURS of real-life experience. Damn, I hate filament.

Key features in 3D PrintMaster Simulator include:

  • Simulation and management game centered around 3D printing technology.
  • Build, customize, and manage a 3D printing workshop.
  • Assemble 3D printers using tools like wrenches, hexagons, and screws.
  • Upgrade printers to enhance workshop efficiency and capabilities.
  • Print and fulfill customer orders, ranging from simple to complex designs.
  • Manage plastic materials to unlock better orders and expand workshop capabilities.
  • Creative mode available for limitless building and design opportunities.
  • Trade old printer parts and materials for newer, more advanced equipment.
  • Navigate a dynamic in-game economy where supply and demand affect creations’ value.
  • Realistic assembly mechanics offer an engaging gameplay experience.

The trailer:

3D PrintMaster Simulator is available now on Steam. Store page link below.