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2021 GOTY

After must procrastination, intoxication (caffeine), and general I-can’t-make-my-mind-up, here’s my 2021 GOTY. If you’re interested.


Since December kicked off, #GOTY has been showing up on Twitter where there’s a trend of listing the best games of the decade. I won’t be following suit. This is a list of my top games throughout the year and reviewed on the site.

You won’t see the likes of Deathloop or Forza 5 on here (coincidentally, I’ve only just got Forza 4…). I haven’t played them yet.

My tastes are typically narrative-driven, so there’ll be a focus there, plus the list draws on games I’ve reviewed. Though I’ve played Jet Set RadioSalt and SanctuaryHades, and Euro Truck Simulator 2 a lot, they don’t qualify as they weren’t released this year.

Also, the list is split as there were so many titles I enjoyed. Think of it as a summary. There’s the GOTY list (not in any order), honourable mentions as there were so many, plus some Early Access titles that were pretty memorable.

Let’s begin.

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