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1971 Project Helios Out In June

1971 Project Helios

A turn-based action strategy, 1971 Project Helios will be coming to PC and all major consoles this June.

There’s a bit of a resurgence in XCOM style games of late, and that’s a good thing.

Only recently was the news on Depth of Extinction, upcoming titles such as Desperados III and the more recent John Wick Hex that all use this turn-based mechanic.

I saw 1971 Project Helios, from Reco Technology, some months ago and meant to put out the news then, as this is one worth adding to your game calendar (if you have one).

1971 Project Helios - Gameplan
Getting a game plan. Source: PR

A dystopian world that isn’t cyberpunk; the story follows a group of characters forced to survive a hostile environment.

You can be expected to explore the area, utilising resource management effectively, turn-based combat and dialogue engagements.

1971 Project Helios offers up to eight different playable characters who are on a mission to locate a kidnapped scientist by a paramilitary society.

A teaser, if you will, of the very many features:

  • Fight in turn-based tactical combats against three different factions, each one with their own units, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Explore the vast world of 1971 Project Helios. From military facilities to medieval dungeons, each one of them is full of secrets awaiting to be discovered.
  • Improve your characters’ skill trees: unlock, improve and match different skills to create the perfect character.
  • Manage your resources carefully to raise your HP, relive units or shorten your cooldowns.

Have a look at the 1971 Project Helios trailer below:

1971 Project Helios is set for release on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on the 9th June.

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