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19 Of The Best Games Coming To Steam In 2022

Before The Big Adventure Event, I compiled a list of some of the games in my wishlist, (mostly narrative-driven games) coming to Steam in 2022.

Justin Wack And The Big Time Hack - You aint seen me
You ain't seen me, right? Source: Steam

There’s a wealth of notable titles coming to Steam in 2022, and it’s hard to keep track of things unless you wishlist them. But what if there are some upcoming titles you know diddly-squat about? 

I’ve ‘devised’ a list of predominantly point and click/narrative-driven that are on my list. Quite a few were available to play during The Big Adventure Event – some new, so they’ll be listed in separate write-ups.

Not all have a 2022 release date, so I’ve not included the likes of Slender ThreadsIncantamentumA Trail of Ooze or Space Boat. The latter will be ready when the pizzas are ready.

There are tons more on my list, and I’ve since added loads from The Big Adventure Event. Humour me. I just wanted to add a feature with some recommendations.

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