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10 Second Run Returns Switch Review

10 Second Run Returns Wall jump

If you’ve been on the edge of your seat since I delivered my first impressions of 10 Second Run Returns on the Nintendo Switch, then I apologise for the delay but can happily report back that the full game was worth every penny. As I so wisely anticipated.

In case you haven’t read the first post I did on 10 Second Run Returns (you’re going to hell), it’s a platform game where you have to get to the goal in, drum roll…10 seconds. Funny that. Giving a ridiculous, yet clear and consistent goal is a winner in my eyes, and I purchased the game not that long after I originally posted about it. It just took me a week or so to play it, what with Shenmue 3 taking up most of my time, and rightly so.

10 Second Run Returns - Shurikens
Ninja stars




As 10 Second Run Returns is a simple game, there’s not much else to report other than the addition of new levels and characters. It’s funny that a game where you play a stick figure jumping over simple objects all within 10 seconds could be so enjoyable. Getting to the end of the level is only the beginning: you also have to collect stars along the way. Collect all three set out in each of the 50 levels, and you will unlock the bonus stages. A quick heads up: it gets bloody hard as the levels progress and I’ll lay my cards out on the table now – I haven’t finished it. Of course, you can plough through each level avoiding the enemies and jumping over all the potential falls and still unlock the next levels. I guarantee that you’ll be wanting to obtain all the stars and even do it in less time. Marginal gains then as it’s all within 10 seconds.

In my last peek, I said that the game has the same musical score throughout, but there are additional tracks in the full release that are equally energetic to match the pace of the game. Nothing you’ll be perpetually humming, but catchy nevertheless. The graphics are of course nothing to write home about or write a few sentences on a blog as there’s not much you can say about stickmen other than they move well and jump. One highlight is the opportunity to change skins, but don’t expect anything awe-inspiring other than a colour change or a flower for a head.

The platform doctor gave the all-clear

I don’t recall whether there was an option in the demo (and I’ve since deleted it), but switching to the multiplayer mode was great. You dash for the end faster than your chum(s), and all within 10 seconds. With the multiplayer, there aren’t any stars to collect, but there are the same obstacles and enemies to avoid. Though you can’t physically knock into the other player(s), when you’re running the exact same path, you can’t help but lose track of who you are controlling as they merge into one. I also found that if one of the other people fell off the edge, I would do the same. However, if I were ahead, I wouldn’t make the same mistakes. The simple bursts of confusion all add to the fun, but it seldom gets frustrating, despite the numerous deaths.

Actually, one thing I didn’t like, a new feature to this game, is the wall jumps. Various platform games have this mechanic and most of the time it works. With 10 Second Runs Returns, it wasn’t as simple, and you really have to perfect the move as there literally isn’t any time to make mistakes. This aspect was quite frustrating, so much so that there were a few occasions where I gave up on getting all the stars in a level. Still, I do keep coming backing to the game, and that’s the important thing, right?

So with that in mind, is it value for money? Well, with the price it’s currently going for on the Nintendo eShop, you can afford to take a risk as it’s stupidly cheap. Regardless, this should keep you entertained for some time on your own and equally as a party game or just a two-player. If in doubt, give the demo a trial as it’s free.

It probably wasn’t worth me writing the First Impressions post and then an additional review. Ignoring the number of levels on offer, you kind of see what the game is about in the demo. Forget about storylines and complicated controls: just pick up the controller and run like hell.

Disclaimer: It’s been a while since I wrote a disclaimer. 10 days according to my list of posts. Nothing exciting here other than to say I used to be a bit of a runner in my day and know what it’s like to run.

10 Second Run Returns portrays the running skill quite actually here as you run from left to right and jump over anything that gets in your way. The countdown of 10 seconds is pretty accurate too. I checked my watch (well, my phone) and each of the seconds were in sync. These developers really know their stuff. Yes, I’m trying to add words for the sake of it. Skirting board, handstand, trout. See?

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